Nicholas Hall Reports Newsletter: Vitamins, Minerials and Supplements 2013 from Ian Crook



The Nicholas Hall Reports team, is currently investigating trends in the global VMS market, looking in detail at key countries from around the globe. Some of the trends that have caught my eye include probiotics expanding beyond the traditional antidiarrhoeal niche, with a small but growing immunostimulant segment representing potential for diversification. In emerging markets, such as Brazil, attitudes are shifting so that VMS is no longer seen simply as a way to solve specific health problems but as a route to a better quality of life via improved well-being. In mature markets, like Canada, an aging population opens new avenues for VMS launches, with supplements for menopause and osteoporosis showing strong potential.

Meanwhile, scientific studies continue to throw up promising results ā€“ such as a recent study linking calcium to longer lifespans in women and another claiming fish oils, namely DHA and EPA, can lower risk of cardiovascular death in older adults ā€“ giving marketers more fuel to make evidence-based claims.

You can find out more information on the global VMS market in our upcoming report, VMS across the Globe, which will be published at the end of October 2013.


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