OTC.NewDirections Editor’s Comments: 30th October 2013


Product safety is one of the key themes in our latest edition of OTC.NewDirections, with two stories related to supplements in Australia. The country’s medicines agency, TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), has announced a review of oxedrine (synephrine) and caffeine, both of which are ingredients commonly found in energy and weight loss supplements. The issue of caffeine’s safety has become a hot topic for regulators across the world, notably in the US, where the FDA has been reviewing 1,600 AERs (Adverse Event Reports) for caffeine-based foods and supplements.

Meanwhile, in response to a study published earlier this month in BMC Medicine suggesting many herbal products are contaminated, the Australian Self-Medication Industry association has issued a statement seeking to reassure consumers that complementary medicines sold legally in Australia are of a high quality. The main focus of the study was on North American herbal products, for which their research showed that almost 60% of the herbals under review contained plant species that were not listed on the label.

Tomorrow’s bulletin will also features expert commentary from our partners Jenson R+ on topics ranging from the launch of a new clinical trials database by the European Medicines Agency, to UK calls for a ban on artificial colourings in children’s medicines and the seizure of counterfeit medicines in Switzerland.

If you would like to find out more on these stories, and the latest scientific findings on supplements, click here for further information on how to subscribe to the bulletin.

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