November OTC.NewDirections Editor Comment


We’re looking at the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) recently published report that identifies a number of action points on how to improve patient involvement in the evaluation of medicines, something that its stakeholders say is of “fundamental importance”. In other regulatory news, we’re catching up with what the FDA and the EMA are currently doing to combat medicines shortages as well as reporting on plans to investigate adolescents’ response to drug advertising, along with the rest of our regular regulatory updates.

In scientific news, we’re covering the latest research on e-cigarette effectiveness, which suggests that they help smokers quit and prevents them from going back to the habit. There’s also interesting news on how a low dose of aspirin taken daily by women trying to get pregnant appears to reduce the amount of time it takes them to conceive. Vitamin D, amino acids and magnesium are also under the spotlight, in addition to the latest in nutrition research.

For further detail on all these stories, don’t forget to check tomorrow’s edition of OTC.NewDirections.

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