Nicholas Hall’s OTC Marketing Awards 2014 Tips and Tricks for entry


With four months until the deadline of the Nicholas Hall’s OTC Marketing Awards 2014, we asked the Nicholas Hall staff and judges to share some tips and tricks to making the submission process as easy as possible. Below are 10 tips to streamline the process.

  1.  When submitting your campaign, please be sure to explain your strategy and objectives for the campaign in a concise and clear manner.
  2.  If you are submitting a TV campaign, please submit video of the advertising campaign in MPEG format.
  3.  Please make sure that your submission includes how successful the campaign was.
  4.  When submitting, please include examples of packaging – current and old. Please do not submit photographs of the packaging or products, or better still, send us samples to consider.
  5.  Please include examples of campaign execution in your submission, for example: TV, Internet, consumer or trade press advertising.
  6.  Include in your submission a short 250-word rationale on why your brand should win the award you are entering for. Please ensure that the account is concise and based on statistics.
  7.  For all entries please include high-resolution versions of advertising campaigns.
  8.  Please state which of the three awards (Most Innovative Global OTC Marketing Campaign, Best European OTC Advertising, & Most Innovative European New Product of the Year) you would like to enter for.
  9.  Please ensure your entry is tailored to the category you are entering in to.
  10. If your campaign includes social media campaigns, please send us the link(s) to any social media platforms.

We wish you the best of luck in entering. You can get more information on how to enter here.

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