OTC NewDirections Welcomes you to 2014

NDNWEditorsHeadersThe latest Newsletter from Co-Editor on OTC.NewDirections, Nicola Watts.

OTC.NewDirections, welcomes you to 2014 with the first bulletin of the year, where we are looking at the latest in clinical trial data transparency. The UK government has said it is “surprised and concerned” that data is routinely withheld from the medical and academic community. Meanwhile, a provisional agreement between the European Parliament and Council of Ministers would require both Pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers to upload all their results to a publicly accessible database.
The latest New Zealand scheduling decisions are also under the spotlight, with news of Sildenafil being rejected for switch, Hyoscine Butylbromide 20mg (AFT’s Gastro-Soothe) in packs of up to 10 tablets / capsules being switched from Rx to Pharmacist only and topical Mepyamine 2% (or less) being made available for General Sale.

In science news, we report that vitamin studies may have flawed methodologies, which may fail to accurately determine the true value of micronutrients, how vitamin B12 status could predict fracture risk and why maternal Vitamin D levels can improve childrens’ muscle development.

To read more about these stories, plus many more, don’t forget to check this week’s bulletin. Find out more about subscribing at the OTC.NewDirections website.

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