OTC INSIGHT North America: Analysis of OTC Gastrointestinals market

Dave INSIGHT Header 2014

We start 2014 with good news for OTC INSIGHT subscribers; our new website offers an improved search facility, which will help readers navigate more easily through our archive going back to 2003 and offers an enhanced search function, making it easier than ever before to find the information or data that you need.

In our first issue of the year, we analyse the slow-moving OTC gastrointestinals market in North America, where private label competition has hit sales of non-prescription PPIs hard. Many industry watchers are hoping this important antacids niche is revived in 2014 with a possible Rx-to-OTC switch for Nexium.

Nexium OTC’s marketer will be Pfizer, which is poised to be a key player in the emerging new switch paradigm in the US, and our profile this month looks at the company’s switch pipeline and OTC portfolio in North America. We also profile Medagate, which is looking to boost OTC spending by promoting awareness and use of health insurance benefits. Subscribers will also enjoy our round-up of M&A deals in 2013, a year in which Nicholas Hall sees the March of the Giants trend beginning, with further consolidation in the fragmented OTC market expected in the near future.

Best wishes for the year ahead.

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