OTCs in Action Episode 40: Experience smiling


OTCs are in Action in the UK to make people smile. J&J’s new Listerine Smile Detector mobile app uses a smartphone camera to detect a smile up to several metres away and then notifies blind users with noises and vibrations. The Feel Every Smile short film about the app supports the launch of Listerine Advanced White mouthwash, but gives viewers so much more, when they hear vision impaired people express their own experience and understanding of what a smile means to them.

To see the film, click on the video below:

Film director, Lucy Walker, observed: “It is fascinating to ask blind people how they experience smiling, if not by sight. Smiling is a universal human expression employed by people who were born blind. Even if they can’t see a face, blind people are very aware of the ‘feeling’ that smiling gives them, and they are often able to pick up when someone is smiling by listening to the quality of their voice.”

But there are some situations in which vocal quality is not enough and in which blind people would love to be able to detect when someone is smiling at them. I believe we don’t hear enough from blind people about their experiences, and this was a fantastic opportunity to meet some brilliant blind people through the power of filmmaking.”

The Listerine Smile Detector mobile app was developed in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and is available now for Apple iOS and Android phones.