OTCs in Action Episode 41: Eyes on India


Last week, OTC.Newsflash reported that Bal Pharma is dilating its portfolio with the launch of Eye Spa lubricating eye drops, zoning in on two OTC sweet spots: India and eye care. The Indian OTC market grew by 41% to $2.4bn from 2010 to 2014; Nicholas Hall’s DB6 Global OTC database projects growth of more than 50% over the next five years – and very optimistically, we could see a 10-year trend of 150% growth. The eye care category in India has just about doubled in the past five years to $41.4mn.

The growth of OTCs, especially lifestyle categories, are closely linked to higher income levels. For a Swedish bird’s eye view of the demographic trend that will drive this growth in India, visit statistician Hans Rosling’s Gapminder website for an entertaining historical perspective, and learn the date he predicts that income per person in India and China will match that of the US:


That said, in a 2009 interview in India’s Economic Times, Rosling qualifies his growth predictions:

“What I am most worried about is the reaction of the western world when they see India and China become bigger, what really worries me is a possible war. I also see new, subtle trade barriers emerge. For instance, they are calling products manufactured by India and China as contaminated, and are getting experts and researchers to prove that. These trade barriers are very subtle.”