OTCs in Action Episode 44: The Stork delivering babies down under

OTCinActionheaderThis week, OTCs are in Action in Australia, where The Stork conception aid is being delivered by local distributor Biccari Holdings for US-based Rinovum Women’s Health. The non-prescription medical device can help couples struggling to conceive before they resort to stressful and expensive in-clinic, assisted reproductive treatments, according to the September issue of Nicholas Hall’s OTC INSIGHT Asia-Pacific. The Stork uses a condom-like sheath for the collection of sperm and a tampon-like applicator, which delivers semen closer to the cervical opening.

The Stork is also available in the US, Canada and the UK, while more launches around the world are reportedly in progress. The Stork is one of those rare new products that brings innovative technology to a historically proven method and fills a well identified consumer need. There is a growing global trend of couples delaying parenthood with more individuals waiting until their mid-to-late 30s. This has decreased the rate of fertility and conception and created a market for quick but effective methods of evaluating and optimising fertility. The OTC market includes fertility tests, screening tests for male infertility, ovulation predictors and fertility monitors, but – according to the company – nothing that actually augments the basic process of conception until The Stork.

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