OTCs in Action Episode 51: Home is where the hospital is


My younger daughter had the best play hospital in the neighbourhood, thanks to the visiting nurses who came to care for my husband. They would leave her well supplied with extra gloves, gauze, IV tubes, an old stethoscope. I will be eternally grateful for these wonderful nurses who became our friends and took care of our whole family.

35.1 million patients are discharged from the hospital each year. 65% of those patients are discharged home.

Most importantly, the nurses taught the family how to care for Joe. I remember my horror when shown how to change surgical dressings and  give injections. My first thought: “Won’t you be here to do this everyday?” My second: “Oh, expletive, I have no medical experience and I am going to have to do this? Oh, and if I don’t do it right, the results could be disastrous….”

Nearly 46% of caregivers who provide complex chronic care perform medical and nursing tasks.

OTCs in Action this week are Cardinal Health’s new Hospital Quality at Home,  including products for advanced wound care, first aid, personal care and home healthcare. Although our family was kept well supplied by the wonderful nurses, I would occasionally need surgical wound care and other products from the drugstore – and it’s not exactly like choosing a Band-Aid for a scraped knee. As a hospital supplier, Cardinal Health’s brand name helps people know they are choosing the products that would be used in a clinical setting, making the care of a loved one a little less stressful.


40mn Americans provide unpaid care to an adult. On average, they provide 62.2 hours of care weekly. In the next few decades, the demand for family caregivers is expected to rise by 85%.

For data sources and more about Cardinal Health, click on this link.


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