Nix Ultra Tackles Super Lice Epidemic


This week, OTCs In Action are targeting the not so nit-picking issue of super lice. For the past few months, the head-scratching solution to the problem of how to defy new bionic strains of lice has plagued traditional OTC pesticide marketers.

New evidence from The Journal of Medical Entomology (JME) found that head lice have developed resistance to two types of common OTC insecticide treatments for lice infestation. Over the past year, 98% of head lice in at least 42 states managed to grow gene mutations that enabled the (super) lice to become resistant to pyrethrins, pyrethriods and permethrin.

However, the invasion of the mutant lice shall no longer reign. Prestige Brands have launched a new product, Nix Ultra, to tackle the super lice epidemic. Nix Ultra safely kills both traditional and super lice, as well as their eggs.

nix ultra Logo

The combination of mineral oil and dimethicone provides optimal coating and coverage of both lice and hair, creating a slippery surface so lice and eggs, even the pesky super strain, can be easily removed.

This is one of just a few super lice OTC treatment products available on the US market and, with super lice rapidly spreading in the US, there certainly (for now) seems to be a safe and reliable solution for worried parents.

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