Scoping out skin care growth opportunities


While Nicholas Hall’s strategic database DB6 forecasts that some consumer healthcare categories will perform very well in 2020 – notably analgesics and cough, cold & allergy remedies – growth for dermatologicals (with the notable exception of antiseptics & disinfectants) is expected to be low, in the range of 0-1%. In this week’s blog, we take a closer look at OTC skin care products, notably cosmeceuticals and innovative delivery formats, to see which categories and innovations might perform well in 2020 despite the lack of a Covid-19 boost in demand.

Cosmeceutical subcategories like hair & beauty supplements are likely to perform better than average owing to high levels of new product development. In 2019, our CHC New Products Tracker tool recorded 185 new hair & beauty supplement product entries to the database in 2019 (a total that includes launches, line extensions and relaunches), making it the No.5 most active subcategory in the entire consumer healthcare market, behind cannabis / CBD, probiotics & prebiotics, acne remedies and multivitamins.

Top 5 Tracker subcats 2019

Source: CHC New Products Tracker

As outlined in our recent Innovation in CHC report, popular delivery formats like gummies and drinks – for example, Dong-e E-Jiao’s late 2019 launch of an oligopeptide essence drink in China and Health Lab’s Collagen Beauty Ball in the US market in April 2019 – are primary drivers of growth for hair & beauty supplements. In fact, collagen has become one of the hottest ingredients in consumer healthcare, featuring in a vast array of new CHC products in 2019.

Innovative delivery methods are also likely to boost other Derma categories over the coming years, with clothing one particular area of interest. In late 2018, French marketer Expanscience launched Mustela Stelatopia Sous-Pyjama Apaisant, a highly innovative anti-itch pyjama product for children, and the product has been subsequently rolled out in other key markets such as the USA and Brazil. Other marketers are also exploring ways to deliver relief via clothing, including the use of gloves and pillows.

Scoping the Cosmeceuticals field in 10 key markets, the new Cosmeceuticals 2020 report reviews NPD and marketing activity, with a look at likely opportunities for the market. For more information, or to place your order, please contact

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