Vitamin D has a bright future

DSM’s Hologram Sciences has launched its first direct-to-consumer brand, d.velop, an immunity solution with an advanced vitamin D formula, diagnostic kit and digital support. Hologram says d.velop is made with an exclusive form of vitamin D (DSM’s ampli-D) that has been shown to help achieve optimal levels 3x faster and more effectively vs conventional vitamin D supplements. A three-month subscription (US$75 / 180 pills) comes with a free vitamin D test kit containing two tests to measure vitamin D levels before and after taking d.velop. An accompanying free app provides a holistic immunity score, helps consumers track their progress towards a healthier immune system and addresses other potential immunity factors, such as nutrition and sleep. D.velop is also available as a one-time purchase (US$25 / 60 pills) from the brand’s website.

Vitamin D supplements had their season in the sun in 2020, with global sales up 28% to just short of US$2bn, and new product development in the subcategory has reached an all-time high. New delivery formats have been the main source of vitamin D innovation in recent years, so it’s notable that DSM has unveiled a new patented form of the ingredient (ampli-D), marking a real leap forward for the subcategory. DSM has already launched ampli-D as Fortaro tablets in Australia in December 2020, positioned to support the health of bones, eyes, skin and the immune system, while US launch d.velop was awarded 3 stars by Nicholas Hall’s CHC New Products Tracker, not just for its novel formulation but also for the supporting diagnostic test kits and smartphone app.

In other vitamin D news, US VMS industry body CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) has launched “Vitamin D & Me!” ( – a consumer education initiative on vitamin D and Covid-19. It presents research, expert video interviews and news in a user-friendly format developed by Council for Responsible Nutrition member Nutrasource, focusing on consumers aged 55+ years; older adults are more prone to vitamin D deficiency and are at higher risk from worse outcomes from Covid and other respiratory infections. CRN Foundation President, Steve Mister, commented: “We have been fascinated … at the amount of research being conducted examining the potential relationship between vitamin D and Covid-19. [We are] delivering unbiased education on the latest science, which helps people make smarter decisions to maintain their health.”

Nicholas Hall Writes: “Vitamin D is essential to bone growth and other important bodily functions, and acts synergistically with calcium. The over-use of sunscreens had already given this subcategory stellar growth and Covid has added rocket fuel to what was the sixth fastest-growing subcategory in the global CHC market in 2020. Initiatives like DSM’s are highly appropriate and very welcome, especially as most top CHC players expect to buy-in important developments from technology providers. In the case of vitamin D and the D.velop brand in particular, the latest research from the CRN foundation underlines the significance of this particular innovation in an industry where 94% of all new products launched since 2013 have little or no point of difference.

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