Global CHC Market Movers, MAT Q4 2021

Based on the latest MAT Q4 2021 data from Nicholas Hall’s DB6 database, we have picked out the six best performers and six fastest fallers among the Top 500 global CHC brands, as part of our Market Movers feature on the CHC Dashboard website. Here we look at the trends behind these exceptional brand performances.

Among the fastest-growing brands, the most impressive growth came from US supplement range Goli Nutrition, which is claimed to be the #1 apple cider vinegar supplement in the USA. The brand was launched in 2019 as apple cider vinegar gummies and was extended in 2021 with ashwagandha and “supergreens” versions, helping sales almost quadruple in the MAT Q4 2021 period. Another US supplement, Reckitt’s Neuriva, also had a good year thanks to a high-profile TV campaign and the addition of Neuriva Brain + Energy shot in July 2021.

Switch has also a been key growth driver, with China’s NMPA approving the Rx to OTC (Class A, pharmacy only) reclassification of budesonide 64mcg nasal spray in early 2021, leading to the OTC launch of once-daily Rhinocort 64mcg (J&J for AstraZeneca), joining the 32mcg version (for use twice a day). In the US market, Alcon’s Pataday entered the OTC category in Once Daily (olopatadine 0.2%) and Twice Daily (0.1%) drops following switch approval in February 2020, and was further extended in retail via the February 2021 rollout of Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength (0.7%).

As for the fastest fallers, brands formerly boosted by the immunity trend, such as antiseptic & disinfectant range Bioré (Kao) in Japan and homeopathic cold & flu remedy Oscillococcinum (Boiron) in France and USA, have been hit by a rapid downturn in sales. Intense competition and an inability to match the performance of 2020 (when there was unprecedented demand for immune products) also affected top Chinese probiotic brand Biostime.

Leading global immune supplements Sambucol (PharmaCare) and Airborne (Schiff / Reckitt) were both affected by heavy decline in USA, as part of falling demand for immune supplements there, while low stocking has also been an issue, especially for children’s versions.

We have now released DB6 forecasts to 2026 & 2031, following the recent publication of our year-end 2021 data. Arrange a demo to take a look for yourself, exploring the expanded channels dataset, which now includes internet & mail order, direct sales and CBD. DB6 offers over 150,000 pieces of data, with more than 30,000 records covering 13,000+ brands and 3,000 companies across 63 countries. To find out more, or to set up a free demo, please contact

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