Infographic: Mid-Year Sales Data From DB6 Global OTC Database


Infographic - MidYear

As the second quarter results for most Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare companies begin to come in, it affords us the perfect time to review how the overall global OTC market is currently standing. Taking the Mid-Year Sales Data for the global OTC market in the 12 months leading up to June 2013, shows that the market has grown by 4.9%; the highest growth since 2009.

Some of the standout results include:

  • Latin America grew a staggering 15.2%, ahead of C & E Europe with 9.6% growth
  • BRIC countries continue to perform significantly ahead of the market with Russia and Brazil particularly impressive, although this is partly thanks to prices increases.
  • Japan (-0.9%), S Korea (-0.6%) and Spain (-0.9%) posted slight declines, while the collapse of OTx sales in France caused the non-Rx market to fall heavily
  • Topping the Top 20 ranking are J&J, Bayer and Sanofi
  • Valeant entered the Top 20 as a result of its acquisition of Bausch + Lomb
  • Analgesics and GIs both posted 3.4% growth, while the large VMS category increased by 3.7% with probiotics (+13.8%) the star performer here

For more information on the Mid-Year Sales Data, please follow this link to the DB6 Global OTC Database website.