Dutch-based FrieslandCampina Ingredients has detailed five key trends that will drive the evolution of food, drink & supplement industries in 2023:

  • Building trust for planet-first nutrition The health of the planet looks set to continue as a top priority for consumers but 38% do not trust companies’ honesty about their environmental impact. However, 83% are more likely to trust 3rd-party verified sustainability claims 
  • Resilience & the power of positive nutrition As the world adjusts to post-Covid life and the cost-of-living crisis, stressed consumers are seeking a sense of balance to build resilience. Many are focusing on beneficial foods, drinks & supplements, rather than removing less nutritious foods, so fortified products that satisfy body & mind will be high on the agenda
  • Alternative proteins find their own feet As plant-based becomes more mainstream, consumers increasingly expect high-quality, highly nutritional products that go beyond recreating animal-based applications. Emerging technologies such as precision fermentation are opening up new opportunities for brands, but mastering taste and texture remains paramount
  • Going for gut health With rising awareness of the gut microbiome’s role in supporting improved mental health, stress and sleep, brands can attract consumer attention by creating accessible self-care moments. Thanks to ingredient innovations, unique and trending formats can be created, such as teas, shots and fortified gummies using ingredients such as prebiotics
  • The era of active ageing The global population is now 8bn, including a growing number of elderly individuals. The emphasis is shifting from “healthy” to “active” ageing, with older adults focused on getting the most out of life. This offers opportunities for brands to create solutions with products that support long-term strength, balance & mobility
Source: FrieslandCampina Ingredients 2023

Nicholas Hall Writes: With inflation by some accounts expected to halve this year, that could mean more disposable income available for important commodities like OTCs, which may ease some of the pressure we have forecast in recent weeks. Of course, our industry will experience very strong headwinds, so there is no easy path to success, and it seems to me that the low-hanging fruit has long since been blown off the trees. But perhaps we can be a scintilla more optimistic, especially as the initial sales trends from 2023 are positive, although I continue to believe that the market will weaken as the year progresses. 

As I’ve said many times, macro and micro factors affect the generality of the market, but individual countries, categories and brands will continue to do well if marketers adopt innovative new strategies that reflect the latest consumer trends. I was particularly interested in FrieslandCampina’s findings about sustainability, which confirms that this will be a significant factor in the forward movement of consumer health in the next few years. Previously we had looked upon sustainability as inevitable, but not a claimable advantage. Now I’m beginning to think that, handled correctly, it could be a huge benefit for a company that knows which buttons to press.

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OTCs in Action Episode 12: Science uncovering life-extending benefits


OTC.Newsflash reported that the global community is living longer – by about 6 years to 71.5 in 2013 compared to 1990’s life expectancy. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2013, published in The Lancet, indicates that improvements in healthcare have prompted dramatic shifts, including a major reduction in child mortality from diarrhoea and lower respiratory infections. However, death rates from many types of cancer, as well as lifestyle-influenced, chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, have increased.

Can OTCs be part of the solution? In the past year, Nicholas Hall’s OTC.NewDirections has kept us up to date on the OTC scientific developments that are a significant factor in the preventive and therapeutic advances that are extending lives. In the most recent issue, we read about how vitamin E can protect older mice from pneumonia, creatine may improve blood pressure, selenium might lower the risk of colorectal cancer and NSAIDs might reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Because of their safety profile, accessibility and affordability, the importance of OTCs is often understated – they don’t often grab the headlines in mass media or corporate financial reports. But to families around the globe, OTCs are in Action improving lives everyday by treating acute illnesses, and increasingly, preventing chronic disease.

Best wishes for a healthy New Year!

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