OTCs In Action: New “It” Water Core Making Waves


This week OTCs are in action in the US where the new “it” fortified bottled water Core (Core Hydration) is said to be an ultra purified H20. Core is enhanced with minerals and electrolytes to achieve the body’s “perfect pH” of 7.4.

Boasting the slogan, “be true to your core”, the celebrity praised water promises to help the body effectively assimilate the vitamins, minerals and food supplements we need to survive.

Countless brands selling superior, health-endorsing water have emerged in the beverage market and are growing rapidly. It seems that “good old” water, as simple and unfussy as it once was, has a lot more nuance to it these days.

Higher pH, coconut and charcoal are few of the elements involved in modern H20 consumption; there are now cafés across the globe with water-tasting menus and, wait for it, water sommeliers!


Of course, when it comes to health, water is vital and if you’re drinking it consistently, you’re already doing something good for your health. So what exactly are the benefits of drinking alkaline water? Tap water contains different dissolved elements that influence its pH level, so the idea is that to create a more alkaline balance in your body, you should drink water with a higher pH.

However, much of the research on alkaline diets shows that consuming water according to pH levels only changes the pH of urine, not of the body’s blood. Alison Childress, a programme director and instructor of nutritional sciences at Texas Tech University says, “We can’t really change the pH of our body”.

However, it’s argued that physically active people benefit from drinking alkaline water. Intense exercise provokes muscles to produce more hydrogen ions increasing acidity and causing fatigue. It has been proven that drinking alkaline water enhances the body’s buffering capacity, tempering acidity and ultimately improving performance.

So will alkaline water ever truly be considered an OTC supplement that contributes to our physical wellbeing? I guess we will have to hit the markets with our tastevins at the ready and decide for ourselves!