September 2013 New Directions Editor’s Comment From Nicola Watts


In this week’s OTC.NewDirections Editor’s Comment, I will be looking at the latest developments in clinical trial regulations and how they are becoming more transparent in the nature. I will also be highlighting the changes for branded supplements and how they are beginning to show their benefits to the customer.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) has expressed its concerns with the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) draft policy on the publication and access to trial data, while in the UK, the Health Research Authority (HRA) is set to begin implementing plans to ensure trial information is publicly available.

scientific developments, Sinetrol X-Pur (Fytexia) is showing that it could be a “viable option” for weight management and improving inflammatory, glycaemic and oxidative status. Branded ingredient Verisol (Gelita) has been found to significantly improve women’s skin elasticity and SesaVita (Olive Bioscience) may be beneficial in prediabetes management and mild-to-moderate hyperlipidemia. To find out why, read tomorrow’s bulletin.

For more information on these stories see our latest issue of OTC.NewDirections.