Episode 45: BV treatment unveiled in Sweden


This month OTCs are in Action in Sweden, where the Laccure Pessary, a vaginal suppository for treating bacterial vaginosis, has been unveiled. According to the company of the same name, Laccure is effective, safe and user-friendly, and ready to help the 300mn women suffering from the problem every year.

Laccure reports: “Results from a web-based survey of 2,660 women in the US, UK and Germany show that BV, with an odorous vaginal discharge as the most pronounced symptom, is a common and hidden health problem affecting daily life, often connected with embarrassment, guilt and humiliation. More than half of the women had recurring problems, once or several times a year, and 24% did not seek any treatment. The product-related improvements most often wished for were less frequent administration and smear-free products.”

Laccure Pessary is an antibiotic-free, proprietary substance that releases lactic acid over several days in order to decrease the elevated vaginal pH. Efficacy has been demonstrated in clinical studies in which 80% of the women were free of their BV after a single dose. The product is a patented, Class IIa medical device that only needs to be administered once to treat BV and once a month to prevent recurrence. Laccure is now ready for market introduction in the EU and EEA (European Economic Area) countries, and is looking for a buyer to commercialise the opportunity, according to the September edition of Nicholas Hall’s OTC INSIGHT Europe.

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