#NHOTC17: Day 1


Our 28th European OTC INSIGHT conference, centred on the theme of Making the Most of New Technology, took place in Munich last week. Following Nicholas’ annual overview of the global OTC market, and what’s ahead, there was a packed schedule of presentations on topics including the future of digital OTC and what we see technology providers delivering now and in the future.


Nicholas Hall kicked off proceedings on Day 1

Richard Learwood of PGT Healthcare got our brains into gear on the morning of Day 1 with a thought-provoking discussion on accelerating growth in consumer healthcare, and this was shortly followed by Dr Dennis Ballwieser, of Wort & Bild, who shed some light on the future of partnerships in digital publishing and how digital is affecting the print industry in healthcare.

Leading into the lunch session, Infirst Healthcare’s Manfred Scheske led a thought-provoking session, which showed us how our industry is extremely focused on Strategic Growth and Share Grab, but needs to step up its ambition to shape market conditions and to grow markets. He addressed the increasing number of line extensions, which have successfully grown many big OTC brands, but less and less new products offer meaningful news, and patients and pharmacists and the general public are increasingly irritated and confused by the tidal wave of ‘plus’, ‘forte’, ‘extra’, ‘ultra’, ‘max’, ‘advance’, ‘extra advance’, ‘rapid’, ‘express’, etc.” Certainly food for the mind before we ate our lunch!

After lunch, Alison Hartley from Sanofi got the conference back into swing with a presentation on Digital Excellence, explaining that content is key but distribution is queen! Alison also delved into the many ways that digital has enabled us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do without digital media.


Alison Hartley focuses on Digital Excellence in OTC

Our very own Monica Feldman also enlightened us on e-connecting the revenue dots, explaining that VIRAL = REVENUE and to have this you must have humour, heart, brains and guts. Trevor Gore of Maestro Consulting took to the stage as our final speaker on Day 1, alongside David Taylor, leading us to contemplate whether technology is helping us or making us addicts? Trevor certainly lifted spirits with his stand up presenting style!


Our Global Director of Client Services, Monica Feldman

Look out for more Dashboard blog content coming soon, including Day 2 of the conference and the Nicholas Hall Awards. As an official announcement now the conference has ended, we hope to see you next year in… Barcelona, for our 29th European OTC conference #NHOTC18.

Nicholas Hall’s Latin American conference: Day 2

On day 2 of Nicholas Hall’s 2nd Annual Latin American OTC Conference we saw our latest new venture, the OTC Training Academy, get to work with our speakers and delegates.

Our Brazilian correspondent, Sergio Santos, gave an informative introduction to attendees, who then took part in an intense brainstorming session and shared their industry knowledge to create a marketing scheme for a fictitious OTC product.

As well as being an enjoyable session, the project overall delivered some great ideas fuelled by OTC marketing expertise at its best.

Latin Academy

The conference went back into full swing shortly after the workshop seeing another array of speakers. Key speakers of the day were:

  • Joe McGovern from everythingHEALTH who gave a presentation on switch updates relating to the OTC market in Latin America
  • Followed by Jose Antonio Valdez, who spoke about PGT, a healthcare company merger between P&G and Teva
  • Stephen Schulte of Nature’s Way spoke about entering international VMS markets. We were also offered a tester of the company’s latest product, a sweet-like vitamin, which is available in numerous flavours
  • Rui da Silva, founder of Expatbiotics, was the last speaker of the conference giving us a vision of the future, discussing Skin Care in 2020 and its role in the Latin consumer trade and industry.

Nicholas Hall closed the conference, mentioning the focus of digital within our OTC market and how it was incorporated into many of the presentations. Overall, the conference gave an excellent insight into the Latin American OTC market and its current position and future outlook.

OTCs in Action Episode 64: Relieving Zika pain


OTCs are in Action treating minor symptoms of the Zika virus, which has spread to 66 countries, according to the World Health Organization’s April 21 status report. In fact, the insect-borne disease has become so prevalent that OTC brands are investing in TV advertising detailing their benefits for symptom relief. For example, Nicholas Hall’s OTC INSIGHT Latin America reports this month: GSK’s A+P campaign in support of paracetamol-based Dolex systemic analgesic (known globally as Panadol) highlights its efficacy against symptoms of vector-borne viruses such as zika, chikungunya and dengue.

Nicholas Hall Events will host its 2nd Latin American OTC Conference, From Recession to Recovery: Analysing Latin America’s Return to Growth, on 9-10 June in Miami. Nicholas Hall will be joined by senior professionals with intimate knowledge of the local OTC environment, to offer delegates ways of navigating this dynamic yet unpredictable region.

Following the theme ‘From Recession to Recovery’, our speakers will analyse Latin America’s return to growth showcasing examples of local and global brands, highlighting ways in which they have found success in this region and what lessons can be learned. For more information, please click on the link:
Latin American OTC Conference: From Recession to Recovery

Cure the January Blues with Nicholas Hall’s Events

Events Header

In the events team, we haven’t had time to think about the January blues; the awful weather or that payday seems to be further away than normal! I guess your wondering why? Well… I’m pleased to say it’s all down the constant flow of bookings to our OTC Conference & Action Workshop! With the host of guest speakers that will be presenting on innovation within the Consumer Healthcare, making this event a must attend. For more information on the guest speakers and their topics please see our brochure. There are still some great savings to be had and clearly our delegates are taking full advantage of them – and rightly so!! If you’re planning on attend any event this April, then make it this prestigious one, book early and make a saving!!

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Introducting one of our guest speakers at Luzern 2014, Fuad Sawaya


A new year has started and I would imagine that like us in the events team, you are already planning your year ahead in the ever-changing Consumer Healthcare market.

We are kicking off the year with final preparations for our rapidly approaching European OTC Conference, which is being held in Luzern on 9th-11th April 2014.  With presentations on the future of healthcare and consumer business sustainability trends, attendance is a must for those who are already thinking ahead.

We still have great rates available for those who book before the 1st March, you can save up to £200!

Our agenda is action pack with speakers from companies such as Catalent, Abdi Ibrahim and Unleash.

One speaker not to miss is Fuad Sawaya, Managing Director of Sawaya Segalas. Fuad will bring an interesting M&A perspective to the conference theme by addressing innovation as a way to create shareholder value. Fuad benefits from 25 years of experience advising some of the most respected consumer companies on M&A and Strategic Financial Advisory assignments.

For further information on this must attend Conference download the brochure here.

We also want you to be one of the first to know that we are holding a one-day workshop in Dubai on the 7th May, so save the date!  

For more information please feel free to get in touch with us! lianne.hill@nicholashall.com or Jennifer.odonnell@nicholashall.com

Nicholas Hall’s OTC Marketing Awards 2014 Tips and Tricks for entry


With four months until the deadline of the Nicholas Hall’s OTC Marketing Awards 2014, we asked the Nicholas Hall staff and judges to share some tips and tricks to making the submission process as easy as possible. Below are 10 tips to streamline the process.

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Meet Nicholas Hall in Asia in late 2013


Our events team is busy making the final preparations for our first big series of events of the Autumn / Winter period of 2013 with the Asian Seminars and Workshops that will be taking place from the end of October to the beginning of December.

The events will be visiting various locations around Asia and the Pacific region. The first workshop takes place in Auckland; taking place on the 23rd of October, this workshop will highlight the key changes in the Asian and Pacific OTC markets in recent years, with a special focus on the New Zealand market. In addition, Veronita Rusli, Regional Director for Nicholas Hall & Company Asia-Pacific, will join Nicholas to present trend analysis and key learnings on Distribution and Pharmacy Point-of-Care in the Asia-Pacific region.

Starting the 25th of November, Nicholas’ tour moves onto the Asian markets with a stop first in Shanghai and then onto Jakarta (3rd December) and finally finishing in the regional headquarters of Nicholas Hall & Company, Singapore. During these seminars Nicholas will be presenting informative discussions focusing on Asian OTC market trends and global learnings including New Product Development trends (line extensions and umbrella branding).

A specially designed day two workshop is also available in Shanghai on the 26th of November for Japanese OTC Marketers looking to expand their influence in the Chinese market. This event will look at key success strategies on how to enter the Chinese market, such as leveraging ‘Japan Brand’ and how to differentiate with innovative marketing campaigns.  Two guest speakers James Fan, President & CEO of Jowin and Lucia Quan, former Vice President of Nepstar Chain Drugstore, will join Nicholas and Veronita to present their personal insights on the market and their strategies for engagement.

Nicholas Hall & Company is please to announce that Nicholas Hall will be making a guest appearance in India at a conference hosted by our Network Partner in the country, CubeX, which will be taking place on November 22nd in Mumbai. Nicholas will be presenting on the theme of Innovation within the India OTC market along side opinion leaders from the India pharmaceutical industry. The conference

For more information on any of the workshops and seminars that Nicholas Hall will be holding in Asia and Pacific regions, please click here or contact Jasper Teo via jasper.teo@NicholasHall.com.