OTCs in Action Episode 46: Parenting made less stressful … temporarily


This week’s OTC in Action episode brings back memories of caring for sick babies – agonising over whether to wake them for a temperature reading after a long night of tears, rocking, walking and calls to the paediatrician in the early hours of the morning. It also reminded me of the role temperature plays throughout those early years – the bottle, the bath, etc.

Recently, a panel of healthcare product buyers were likely remembering similar experiences when they voted Tecnimed Family First’s VisioFocus Smart as the Best Product finalist at the ECRM / Drug Store News’ healthcare trade show.


Source: Munnme.ie

VisioFocus, from Italian company Tecnimed, is able to read temperatures by being pointed at foreheads, bottles and baths – and projecting the temperature on the baby’s skin or object surface. According to the company, in addition to being more hygienic because it does not touch the skin, it does not disturb a child’s sleep.

The temperature reading is also stored in the thermometer’s memory; such a valuable tool when tracking recovery. Its functionality for measuring liquid temperature will also add an extra safety net for nervous new parents.

Now, if only they could develop a device that would project teenagers’ mood swings…